Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blood, sweat and a free dog obedience class

What a day *sigh* what a day... First it's a busy day, then car troubles, then this... What is "this" you ask? I go to a dog obedience on Tues nights at Petsmart and we train our dogs to sit, down, stay, etc. (Duh.) Tonight my instructor (not named here as to preserve his/her reputation) was showing us how to walk (ride) our dogs on a bike. We went out back behind the store through their storage area, and then through a garage-like door (the windy-uppy kind) to the road behind the strip-center, as the garage door came down with a mighty *THWUMP!* the dog (a pit-bull) my instructor was riding with lashed out and bit Koolaid's (my dog) nose and held on for a couple of seconds, Koolaid started screaming (and yes, I would call it a scream), and there was blood, yes! BLOOD! on the ground. He/She (my instructor) ran and got some sort of powder and put it on her nose to stop the bleeding, everything was fine, but the problem is, had I not been the kind of person I am, that is the kind of behavior can get a dog put down (killed). I do NOT wish this dog any harm and think it was a combination of 1. The loud bang. 2. Their noses were about three inches apart. And 3. This dog was a pit bull, who are bred to be guard dogs. Anyways after the class was over my instructor pulled me aside and gave me a free intermediate obedience (8 week) course (worth $125.000 US), for FREE! All in all this has been a VERY bloggable day (and I just started it yesterday!)


Eric Patnoe said...

Sorry about your dog. But something good came from it.
I am trying to get my 12 yr old to blog too. He has 1 post only.

Jp said...

Thanks for looking! I will post a pic of her cut when my dad brings the camera home. I like your son's other blog too.

Claral said...

Keep up the good work.

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