Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Visit

This weekend I went to my grandparents house on Friday, the Texas Heritage Syrup Festival on Saturday, and came home today. The syrup festival was pretty cool, they had a mule, err, squishing, to put it bluntly, sugar cane to make cane syrup, a sawmill, storytelling, etc. etc.

Err, bye now.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Halloween is/was/has been here! I was a wizard though most people thought I was a witch since my hair was not silver/white like I had wanted, just gray :-(

I don't have time to write much today so I will post a story that I wrote a while back.

Note- If you don't play Dungeons & Dragons-Forgotten Realms you can just ignore the names of the places in this story.

Dane: an Autobiography

I will not go through my childhood, as that would be 94 years of frolicking in trees and playing with my friends. So I will start off on my 95th birthday.

My parents had been feeling the calling for a while now. So for my 95th birthday they decided to take me to Evermeet. It was the worst birthday present I had ever gotten. We had a month to gather our items and leave, it’s amazing how many memories I left in that place, the High Forest. We boarded a ship, the Clenran. She was a beautiful ship, Elven make, with Correllon as the figurehead. I personally never found any calling to Correllon, my faith lies with Eilistraee, his daughter. She was a hunter, a warrior of the night. I personally was never afraid of the night. Some nights I would go speak to the Fey of the forest. Enough of my memories though, we need to go on to the present.

We sailed out of Waterdeep, but for some reason we had to make a stop through the Moonshae Isles. A stupid idea in my opinion, seeing as there was royalty on board. As it turned out it was even stupider than I had thought. As we sailed out of Caer Corwell we came upon a band of Nelanther pirates. They looted our ship and took my family for slaves. When we finally reached the Nelanther Isles, our captors forcibly escorted us to the slave house. My father, Lord Ceyrlon, who was a diviner, figured out the location of our weapons and armor. And so that night with his magic and my strength, we, along with my mother, broke out of there, broke into our crates, and donned our armor, mine of which was beautifully crafted Elven chainmail given to me as a gift for my 80th birthday. So far no one had noticed us. We found a rowboat that had been pulled up to the shore near the slave house and climbed in. Now mother, the evoker, cast control water and we were off. It seems the alarms went off when we were only 20 feet off the shore. Now this, being Nelanther, was quite an armored port. They started firing their ballistae at us. My mother cast magic missile at the giant arrows and they exploded one by one. But there was one she missed. It struck her in the chest and she was killed upon impact. I felt such a gut wrenching loss, as I had never felt before. Father let out a loud cry and fell sobbing over his love, Lady Vrentalica. I too let out a cry of anguish, but I realized the only way we were going to get out of this alive was to start swimming before the boat was hit again and sank. I grabbed his arm and told him that we must start swimming now. He looked at me, his tear-stained face brought out the sorrow in me and I started crying. I told him desperately now, “Father, we must swim for shore, otherwise we will be killed as well.”

He said, “Go my son, but I must stay here with your mother.”

I was crying desperately, “Father you must go with me.”

“No son, my place is here.”

“Father please, “

”No son!”

At this point he pushed me overboard. I had no choice but to swim for shore. That swim was the longest of my life. As I reached shore on a deserted island, I turned back to see if I could find the rowboat only to find that I could not see it. I yelled into oblivion, “No! Why have you forsaken me Eilistraee?”

All of a sudden, I felt two black arms reached around me in a comforting hug. Somehow I knew this was Eilistraee. “Oh my lady!” I cried, “Why have you forsaken me? Why has your father forsaken mine?”

“My father cannot do everything, “she says, “It was your father’s choice to stay.

Suddenly I noticed search boats coming out and searching for me and my family. I could hear rough voices in the distance, however I could not understand them.

“Come, my lord,” she says. “we must go from here.” And then she teleported me into the blackness.

The next morning I awoke high in a beech tree wondering where I was. All of a sudden, the memories came flowing back, Mother dying, Father drowning, for I believe that must be what happened to him. And suddenly I remember Eilistraee coming to me in the night. At this point the memories became too much for me to bear and I fell out of the tree. Fortunately, I had only been about 10 feet up. And there I lived, eating beechnuts, and whatever other foods I could find on my island.

One day, about a week after my arrival I was climbing up to my driftwood hut in that first beech tree I saw something off in the distance, it was a rowboat, a thought ran though my mind, could it be? As I approached the rowboat I saw what I dreaded, it was my parent’s dead bodies, an arrow though my fathers heart with a layer of dried blood coating the bottom of the boat, carrion flies buzzing around the boat. I screamed and tried to swat the flies. I solemnly buried there bodies there on the beach that day, I kept my fathers sword, it would serve as my last connection to him, it was a magnificent sword, he had won it at a forest games for best sword work. Life lived on in this fashion for another four and a half years. One day, I realized something. As I looked at the marks I had made on the tree, one each day, I realized this was my 100th birthday. And of course as all elves know, the 100th birthday is when they choose their name. And for me it was the day I set off. I built a raft out of driftwood, wove a sail out of palm leaves, and sailed off. After a week and a day, when my water was running low, I saw land off in the distance. At last! A forest! I realized from the maps that I had studied as a child, this was the Wealdath Forest, and I begin to take stock of what I had. I knew little about the Wealdath, but I was finally in a forest, that’s what mattered.

I knew from the maps that I had studied as a child I was probably on the peninsula and therefore there should be a port, Velen, nearby. So I began trekking along the shoreline following it northwards, taking with me only my sail for bedding. Once I arrived at Velen, two days later, I found an Elven ship sailing to Candlekeep. The captain, who was one of my father’s good friends, recognized me. Upon hearing about my parent’s death, he gave me his regards and agreed to take me on for free. So then we sailed off into the sunset. All I had was my father’s sword, my armor, and my new name, Lord Dane.

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