Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Maker Faire pics

It was a lot of fun, here are some pics.Some ridey thingy.
Art bike!
Me and Cedar Man.
My mom and the "Yarn Car"Diet Coke and Mentos.
Kids going to get showered in Diet Coke (No, I am not with them).
Fog rings.
More fog rings.
My parents "The Maker" and "The Crafter"

All in all, it was a lot of fun.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

To the Maker Faire! (At six fourty-five in the morning)

Today I go to the Maker Faire in austin. Yay! I am very busy so I can't type much but I do think it will be a lot of fun, I'll blog (with pictures!) about it when I get back on Sunday.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brief Recap

I have not blogged in (1...2...3) three days because not much has happened in the past four days.

Oct. 10
I went to agility with Koolaid on Wednesday, I used sliced up hot-dogs for treats, needless to say, me being a veggie, that I am not crazy about the idea, but I realize that dogs are carnivores and therefore they naturally eat meat (duh). She did very well that night and I think it was the treats that did it.

Oct. 11
On Thursday I went to the audiologist at, like, nine in the morning (which in my opinion is wake-up time) to see about getting me new hearing aids (yet another one of my surprises) since my current ones are 8 years old and about to break down in the middle of the road. After that I went to book club where we discussed Shock Point, and then we (the book club) went to a park across the street and ate lunch, then I went to a Phys. Ed. "class" we came home for a couple of hours, and then went to the library where I play D&D for two hours.
The end.

Oct. 12
Monday is heavy trash pick-up day, so by now there are some piles of junk by peoples driveways. Woo! I found a keyboard (scrap), a typewriter (works), a slide projector (works), a fire poker (ha), a VCR (scrap), a flatbed scanner (scrap), and some faux velvet (yay!). Otherwise an uneventful day.
Me hauling junk.

Not much.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blood, sweat and a free dog obedience class

What a day *sigh* what a day... First it's a busy day, then car troubles, then this... What is "this" you ask? I go to a dog obedience on Tues nights at Petsmart and we train our dogs to sit, down, stay, etc. (Duh.) Tonight my instructor (not named here as to preserve his/her reputation) was showing us how to walk (ride) our dogs on a bike. We went out back behind the store through their storage area, and then through a garage-like door (the windy-uppy kind) to the road behind the strip-center, as the garage door came down with a mighty *THWUMP!* the dog (a pit-bull) my instructor was riding with lashed out and bit Koolaid's (my dog) nose and held on for a couple of seconds, Koolaid started screaming (and yes, I would call it a scream), and there was blood, yes! BLOOD! on the ground. He/She (my instructor) ran and got some sort of powder and put it on her nose to stop the bleeding, everything was fine, but the problem is, had I not been the kind of person I am, that is the kind of behavior can get a dog put down (killed). I do NOT wish this dog any harm and think it was a combination of 1. The loud bang. 2. Their noses were about three inches apart. And 3. This dog was a pit bull, who are bred to be guard dogs. Anyways after the class was over my instructor pulled me aside and gave me a free intermediate obedience (8 week) course (worth $125.000 US), for FREE! All in all this has been a VERY bloggable day (and I just started it yesterday!)

Busier day than I thought

My mom got back from her early (8:30) doctor's appointment, came in the house, and said that we might not be going anywhere today. Why? I ask. as it turns out all the alarm lights in her car had gone off about 5 minutes from the house, she called the car dealer and left a message, then she did all she knew how to, ie: checking the oil level and coolant. The oil was an 1/8th quart too high so when the dealer called back she told them that and he said it was fine to drive, but, only to the dealership. We had to leave for the car place 10 minutes after that. We got to the dealership and the guy said (ten minutes later) that indeed the oil had been to high and they had drained some, so, we were ready to go. We started driving to MFAH and, of course, all the warning lights came on 1/2 mile down the road, back to the dealership! We ended up getting a rental car for free so we could make it to lunch on time. it's a nice '07 Toyota Camry and the cool thing is you can turn off the airbag so I can sit up front, this is nice because I have to take my dog to obedeience training tonight, and it's not a hatch-back like the Prius, haaaahaaaa if you can't fix a car then you get a hairy rental car.

Busy day

For some reason I am up at 8:30 blogging, why? You ask, I don't know, plain and simple, I don't know. Today I leave at 10:00 to go eat lunch in houston (45 minutes away), get to a class at MFAH, leave around 2:00, get home at three, and the leave for dog obedience at 5:30. Have a nice day.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Oct. 8th-Camping

Today we drove home from Double Lake, I have the privilege of sitting in the back seat with two black labs (Koolaid and Lucinda) so I get all hairy. On the 2-hour drive I decided to start a blog, so, here it is.

Koolaids Korner

Hiyas! I'm Koolaid, a black lab, and this is my corner.
I have a bite-slash on my nose now (read about it above).